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 Official Rules of Insane Designs

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PostSubject: Official Rules of Insane Designs   Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:36 pm

When a rule has been broken it will cost 10 points.

30 points
banned for 1 week
40 points
banned for 1 month
50 points
banned forever

Please read all forum rules and regulations before continuing.

General Board Rules:

1 - Please speak English; this is an English Forum.

2 - Do not Mini-Mod If there is a problem with a post or topic use the Report Button to report it to moderators. It tells us which post has the problem and what the problem is.

3 - We encourage members to use the report feature on any questionable posts, or topics.

Posting Rules & Guidelines

1 - Always code your links. Live links are not allowed the only exception to this is posting a link for quick access by other members.

2 - No Religious, or Racial insults.

3 - Do not double Posts, if you happen to double post by accident report your own post immediately.

4 - Topics must be submitted to the correct forum.

5 - Don't post everything ALL IN CAPS.

6 - No posting links to other forums, No advertising or Posting Self-Gain links in other sections, there is a specific forum for advertisement, please contact the MOD's or ADMINS for advertisement.

7 - Do not post or Request anything related to the making or buying of drugs, Anarchist or Terrorist material or anything other explicit or un-acceptable.

8 - Do not try to exchange, offer to trade or sell links on this forum, we share our links freely with the other members of this community.

9 - Post Direct links only. Link protectors, and link mask's are NOT allowed.

10 - Posting any kind of Phishing link will result in a Permanent bann without warning.

11 - Do not hijack topics by going off-topic.

12 - Removing, or editing Moderated messages is not allowed.

13 - Do not hotlink images from other sites upload images to an image host.

14 - Flaming Administrators, Moderators, or any Staff is not allowed, or tolerated.

15 - Pinned Requests: Please do not request that a post be Pinned.

16 - Do NOT post nonsense topics, or replies.

17 - Posting repetitive replies (ty) (thx) Ect.. to increase post count will result in suspension, and post count reduction.

18 - Insane Designs does not support, allow, or tolerate any type of phishing: Software, tools, Hacks, or Websites that are designed to STEAL any type of personal information. Including but not limited too: Rapidshare Accounts, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, and/or peoples Identities. Persons found posting such material will be subject to an immediate bann without warning!

Avatar Limits

1 - It's content cannot be offensive in any way.

Signature Limits

1 - No dead links in signatures.

2 - Number of lines(text) 12

3 - Number of characters per line 100

4 - Maximum size of image (dimension) 500 Pixels X 350 Pixels

5 - Images placed in the signature cannot be offensive in any way

6 - Image can be used in the signature ONCE only

7 - Advertising warez-related forums in the signature is strongly prohibite


1 - Requests must be made in the request section.

2 - Be descriptive with your request.

3 - Be patient some requests are hard to obtained and may take some time.

4 - Requests may only be Bumped every 72 hours.

5 - Do not make multiple topics for the same request.


1 - You can advertise FREE in the 'Advertisement' Section of the GENERAL category. If you would like premium advertisement were you recieve your own section; please contact SUPER MOD's or ADMIN.

Miscellaneous rules

1 - Moderators may be the enforcers of the rules but does NOT give them the right to break the rules.

2 - Using Hacking tools and exploits of any type for offensive acts towards others and any other boards and claiming Kreative Flow as your home bored. YOU WILL be IP banned.

3 - Asking any staff member if you can be a part of the staff will hinder your chances.

4 - All forum rules apply to each members profile.

5 - All rules apply in regard to private messaging.

6 - Members who disobey the rules will be warned, Suspended, or banned depending on severity of the offence, and is left to the discretion of the Moderator.

7 - If you believe you do not deserve a warning, please contact an admin. This does not mean the warning, suspension, or bann will be removed. Only that we will look into it and see if it was appropriate.

8 - By registering on our forum and/or making at least one post, you are agreeing to the forum rules.

Lastly, give respect to our staff. They are here to help you.

rules copied and pasted from Kreative Flow Designs I love you
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Official Rules of Insane Designs
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